Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunset Silhouette

I have been wanting to try to capture some sunset silhouettes since seeing one a friend of mine (Tracy) shot.  Last night we headed to the beach with only minutes to spare before the sun slipped away.
I was not super thrilled with this once I got home because I failed to remove the white sweatshirt hanging around my daugter's waist and it appears in each shot even after some minor editing.  However, I loved that the kids were more than co-operative in my endeavors.  My son knew exactly what I was trying to do before I even spoke the words.

In fact, he is the photographer of this sunset silhouette of my husband and I.  After playing/posing for a few shots for me, he asked if he could give it a try and how could I resist a budding photographers plea?  I am really impressed with his work, he also pointed out that he stepped back to capture the long narrow heart between my husband and I.  He is so created and saw more than I did in this shot!

Capturing the tree's silhouette.
Something about this last one was interesting to me, haven't figured it out yet, but I like it!

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  1. I love everything about these. The coloring is magnificent!